Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Let's have a balloon race to put our new understanding of hot air into action!

We need to use a lot of our own energy to put air into the balloon. 

We tied our balloons to a string and let them go!

We know that our bodies use energy the same as the balloon: the more we exert, the more energy is expelled!

Who will win? Watch the video below to find out!

Science Experiment:how do hot air balloons work?
Watching a video about hot air balloons

Making our predictions: what will happen to our balloon when we put it in a pan of hot water?

When we put the bottle with the balloon on top into a pan of room temperature water, nothing really happened!

When we put the bottle into a pot of hot water, the balloon got bigger! We have learned that hot air rises and takes up more space, and we would need an enormous amount of hot air to make a hot air balloon go up in the air!

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Here are a selection of photos from our learning centres this week:

Math fun! Learning how to remember the different symbols using TPR (Total Physical Response).
 Athy demonstrates addition (+)

Ahsen demonstrates division! (/)

Malcolm demonstrates multiplication (x)

Joyce demonstrates equals (=)

Toni demonstrates subtraction (-)

Earth Day at Charter International School was on Friday, April 21. We had an incredible day learning how to make natural cleaning products that won't hurt the Earth or our skin, making pledges for our Earth Day tree, making a poster about how to reduce plastic waste from going into the ocean, and enjoying a totally Vegetarian lunch to reduce our carbon footprint by not eating meat. We all wore neutral colours to celebrate the beauty of our Earth. 
Ida is making her Earth Day pledge leaf

 Adding ideas to our SOS (Save Our Seas) poster

 Enjoying a vegetarian snack

 Making papier mache globes

 Reusing old newspapers for our Earth Day art project