Friday, 30 September 2016

Visit to Spun's Gallery

Year 1 had a very exciting and informative visit to Spun's Gallery this afternoon!
We saw models of traditional and modern Thai homes, which made us include some great new vocabulary when talking about what we saw.  We now understand that old Thai homes had no electricity, and many members of the family lived in one home.  There were no materials such as plastic, glass or metal, only wood, making the homes very cool in the hot weather, and strong against rainy weather.
We now that children who lived in these homes had no tablets, iPads, or computers to play with, and had to use their imagination to play in the sand and water!  We even suggested they might like to make kites and fly them with their friends.
We discussed how some homes were built on the water, making it easy to go swimming, but not so easy to get around! Some people had to use boats to do all their shopping!  Since there were no refrigerators, people during this time had to go to the market every single day to buy fresh meat and produce for their meals.
We learned a lot today! Next week we will look at medieval castles and Victorian homes.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Continuous Provision

In Year 1 we are learning through structured centre activities that allow us to develop independence, responsibility, fine and gross motor skills and thinking skills too!
Have a look at what we're doing!

Here Mali and Athy are building 'homes' from popsicle sticks to gain more gross motor control and develop their mathematical thinking.

 Ida and Max are using a variety of small manipulatives, including buttons and coloured pebbles, to count to 30.
 Malcolm is choosing a material for the roof of his 3D house!  He chose plastic, because he thinks it will keep his home warm.  Well done, Malcolm!

 Owen is matching rhyming words to images from a song we learned in class called 'Down by the Bay'.  This is a great way for the students to learn to read new words that can be quite challenging.

This week Year 1 has been learning about position and direction.  We learned that by using a metre stick in the sandpit, we can draw a 'half' circle and 'whole' circle by turning our bodies halfway, and all the way around!  This is a very tricky concept which we will continue to practice next week.

Visit to Spun's Gallery this Friday!

Year 1 will visit Spun's Gallery at Charter this coming Friday.  What an incredible and convenient way for us to understand how traditional Thai homes were built and why!
We will discuss what materials were used in these homes, why, and the major differences between these homes and the ones we live in today.

You may find out more about Spun's Gallery here:

Friday, 23 September 2016

Hi parents!

An easy way we are reviewing our understanding of sounds and letters is to play match up!
Click on this link for an easy game that we have played in class.

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

3D Shape Hunt!

Today Year 1 went on another shape hunt, this time looking for 3D shapes!
We found spheres, cylinders, cubes, and rectangular prisms!
We didn't find any pyramids....yet!