Sunday, 18 June 2017

Some older photos.....we made digital car art as part of our Transport unit. We can now log on to the computer, open a program, use the mouse to create imagery, save, and edit our work later. 
Great job, year 1!
















Garden Walk

We went on a walk around the beautiful gardens at Charter to learn the names of the beautiful plants, trees and flowers that we are lucky enough to see every day.

We saw starfruit, mangoes, lemon, frangipani, jasmine, dusk, banana, and the amazing cannonball tree!

Lovely Frangipani

Mango tree!

A popular Thai herb

Ferns and lovely plants 

We found a very interesting fruit tree called a Dusk Tree. Its' fruit is inedible, but we loved learning about it!

Cannonball tree and its blooming flower

Thursday, 8 June 2017

Year 1 had a FANTASTIC time at KidZania! We learned about the value of hard work and how it helps us buy things we like when we earn money. Take a look at our photos!
Our KidZania watches help keep us safe

Kidbucks to earn and spend!

Working at 7-11 to earn some money!

Taking a break to colour in the style of a famous artist

We made mini pizzas!

Working at McDonalds! Yummy!

I bottled my own Coca-Cola!

Learning to pump gas

Changing a tire to earn a mechanics certificate!

We bottled ketchup after farming our own tomatoes!

Taking a break to show some sweet moves in the disco

The girls are spending their hard-earned cash at the nail salon!

Malcolm has decided to join the marching band...

Great job!

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Time for a boat race! We put our new designs into the EYFS pool to see whose would float, whose would sink, and whose would be the fastest!!!

Things got a bit wet 🤣🤣

Everyone loved seeing how far their boat would go. We learned that they all float because of the materials used in the milk carton. We know that canoes, ships, steam liners, cruise ships, speed boats, and rowboats are all designed the same way. We understand that boats require weight distribution to float on water, and if water gets inside, it will sink just like the Titanic.