Thursday, 8 June 2017

Year 1 had a FANTASTIC time at KidZania! We learned about the value of hard work and how it helps us buy things we like when we earn money. Take a look at our photos!
Our KidZania watches help keep us safe

Kidbucks to earn and spend!

Working at 7-11 to earn some money!

Taking a break to colour in the style of a famous artist

We made mini pizzas!

Working at McDonalds! Yummy!

I bottled my own Coca-Cola!

Learning to pump gas

Changing a tire to earn a mechanics certificate!

We bottled ketchup after farming our own tomatoes!

Taking a break to show some sweet moves in the disco

The girls are spending their hard-earned cash at the nail salon!

Malcolm has decided to join the marching band...

Great job!

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